Java Java Cafe is Fairtrade Certified


We serve only organic and Fair Trade Certified coffee from Equal Exchange.

What is Fair Trade Certified?

The Fair Trade Certified label guarantees that a product was grown and traded in a socially and environmental responsible manner. When you buy Fair Trade Certified products you directly support the prosperity of families, communities, and the earth.

Many of the foods we enjoy every day are grown by people who struggle to keep food on their own tables. Volatile prices and power imbalances make it tough for farmers and farm workers to stay afloat. They can end up in a cycle of poverty and debt, unable to support their families or keep their kids in school.

Fair Trade is a market-based solution to this problem, driven by consumer demand for products that were produced without harming people or the environment.

How does Fair Trade help?

Fair Trade empowers farmers and farm workers to be self-reliant, enabling them to invest in their farms and communities, protect the environment, and develop business skills necessary to compete in the global marketplace. Fair Trade principals include:

A fair, minimum price to farmers
Fair labor conditions and living wages for farm workers
Direct trade between farmers and their international markets
Democratic and transparent organizations
Environmental sustainability

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